3 top Teradata certifications add value to career

The Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) team, in partnership with our Teradata education team, exam development partners, premier subject matter experts and an experienced, dedicated Certification team, develop and manage all Teradata Certification tracks.

Teradata 14 Certification Track – This track includes exams covering the features and functionality of the Teradata Database 13.013.10 and 14.0 (including SLES 11).

Teradata 14 Quick Reference Guide – Track highlights and information at a glance.

Teradata 14 Certified Professional

A successful candidate has knowledge of the core concepts of the Teradata database and related technologies.

The candidate understands relational database concepts, the major components, features, functionality, and Teradata’s data distribution and data access methods. The candidate has an understanding of operational, tactical, strategic business intelligence, and analytical processing.

Required Exam: Teradata 14 Basics (TE0-141)

Teradata 14 Certified Technical Specialist

A successful candidate has core knowledge and skills about Teradata Structured Query Language (SQL) using both ANSI standard conventions and Teradata extensions to the language as well as the core knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement a Teradata Database from a logical data model.

The candidate understands the Teradata implementation of data distribution, space usage, data access and data manipulation processes. The candidate can implement a Teradata Database using a set of requirements.

Required Exams (must be passed in sequential order)

Upgrade Option from Teradata 12

Candidate must hold a Teradata 12 Certified Technical Specialist Certification

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