How Many JOB Cards Can I have in a JCL

You can have any number of Job cards in a JCL. The maximum limit is 255. Each job is separately pooled in job spool area, after running a JCL with multiple job cards. A job is a collection of related job steps. A job is identified by a JOB statement.

Differences of INCLUDE and JCLLIB:

// INCLUDE -include Identifies a member of a partitioned data set
(PDS) or partitioned data set extended (PDSE) that contains JCL statements to include in the job stream.
// JCLLIB JCL -library Identifies the libraries that the system will
search for:  INCLUDE groups,  Procedures named in EXEC statements.

How many characters you need for delimiter:

You need only 2 characters for delimiter. Read more about DD * or DD Data HERE.

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