5 Drawbacks of File-system Over RDBMS

Oracle is an RDBMS. Before going into details, you need to know the drawbacks of the file system and why you need to go for RDBMS.

Drawbacks in file systems

  • Redundancy -duplicate data
  • Inconsistency -changing data everywhere
  • Difficult to use – Difficult to search
  • Security – anybody can access it
  • Integrity  -constant rules you can apply

RDBMS supports 12 cardinal rules. Different RDBMS, that supports these rules

  1. Oracle
  2. SQL Server
  3. Teradata
  4. DB2
  5. Sybase
  6. Mysql

Difference between SQL and PL/SQL

SQL is a language to communicate with database structure query language.

PLSQL is a procedural language, where you can write SQL statements. And you can control the execution of  SQL statements.

You can read the difference between Function Vs Stored procedure


Author: Srini

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