8 Top COBOL Program Review Checklist

Sr. Developers main task is reviewing COBOL programs. The main point is as a reviewer you need to know points to consider for review.

COBOL Program Review Checklist

  1.  Check the changelog. The developer should write a changelog and his tag in that.
  2. Code alignment in the program. Beginning from ID division till exit-program or stop -Run.
  3. The developer has to write a program in such a way that readable and structured.
  4. Always look for, the commented-out code is removed or not after all the reviews.
  5. The new changes should not impact the current logic.
  6. Check Evaluate & if conditions – should be reviewed carefully. Especially the ‘and’/ ‘or’ conditions.
  7. In the Copybooks, review the Redefined clauses properly. Else, it’ll overwrite the data.
  8. Check the compilation status and successful creation of load module done or not.

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