How SSL and SET data Security Protocols differ in Cards Processing

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SSL and SET technologies are used for data security where data are encrypted and digitally signed before transmission over the Internet. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Secure Electronic Transaction™ (SET™) are the standard security protocols that protect the integrity of these online transactions.

SSL was developed by Netscape Communications, a nonproprietary protocol used to secure communication in the Internet and the Web. This SSL is built into many web browsers including Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and numerous other software products. SSL uses public-key technology and digital certificates to authenticate the server in a transaction and to protect the private information and transmit the date over the Internet with integrity .

However, in the case of online credit card transactions for example, there are more to make than just encrypting the credit card information upon transmission to the merchant – such as checking the validity of the card, the authorization of the card, etc.

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SET™ is a cryptographic protocol which was developed by Visa International and MasterCard International was designed specifically to protect and handle the complete online transactions both for the customers and the merchants. SET uses the digital certificates to authenticate each party in a transaction. Additionally, it requires special SET software to process transactions. With this protocol, the merchant never sees the customer’s information like the credit card information as it is not stored on his server which reduces the risk of fraud.

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