10 Top DLI Functions in IMS DB

Below is the complete list of DL/I functions used in IMS DB projects. The usage of DL/I functions is to interact with the IMS DB database and its segments.

DLI Functions

  1. GU, GN, and GNP GHU, GHN, and GHNP – Retrieving segments from database for updating
  2. DLET – Deleting segments from a database
  3. REPL – Replacing segments in a database
  4. ISRT – Adding segments to a database
  5. ISRT – Initially loading a database
  6. PCB – Scheduling a PSB
  7. TERM – Terminating a PSB
  8. CHKP (basic) – Issuing a basic checkpoint
  9. CHKP (extended) – Issuing a symbolic checkpoint
  10. XRST – Issuing an extended restart

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