Bind option to get DB2 currently committed data

The new BIND parameters that help to access data in highly concurrent mode. The below are the list of 3 ways how DB2 provides data concurrency access for web applications.

DB2 10 introduces the CURRENTACCESSRESOLUTION parameter with the USECURRENTLYCOMMITTED and WAITFOROUTCOME settings. This parameter setting overrides the DB2 subsystem parameters of EVALUNC and SKIPUNCI and helps the application package quickly perform the desired concurrency action.

The USECURRENTLYCOMMITTED setting instructs the system to ignore rows that are in the process of being inserted and use only currently committed rows. This clause is contingent on the package BIND isolation level settings being either Cursor Stability or Read Stability.

The WAITFOROUTCOME setting specifies that applicable scans must wait for a commit or rollback operation to complete when data is in the process of being updated or deleted. Rows that are in the process of being inserted are not skipped.


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