The best DB2 lock Technic saves valuable resources


What are the various locks available?

PAGE, TABLE , TABLESPACE and ROW (new lock from DB2 v10)

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  • How does DB2 determines what lock-size to use (Best Technic)
  • Based on lock-size given while creating Table space
  • Programmer can direct the DB2 what lock-size to use
  • If lock size ‘ANY’ is specified, DB2 uses lock-size for PAGE

What are the disadvantages of PAGE level lock

High resource utilization, if large updates to be done. (This lock causes high resource utilization).

  • What is lock escalation

Promotes PAGE lock size to Table or Table Space lock-size, when a transaction has acquired more locks than specified in NUMLKTS. Locks  should be taken on objects in single tablespace for escalation to happen

What are the various locks available


– Can i use lock on a View

No, this is not possible. But, it applies lock on base table.

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