How Would You Add Value to a Project

Here are the stakeholders who are in a project. When you add value to all these says you are adding value to a project.

Stakeholders of a project

  1. To the team
  2. To the customer
  3. To the company
  4. To self

Adding Value

When you add value in the project, you will become a great asset, and it allows you get more knowledge and at the same time you will become a critical resource in the project.

Showing simplified path to the team really is creation of value, so that cycle time of delivering projects reduced. This is called adding value to the team.

Invest in yourself and learn any new skill and apply it either by using off-line method (working as free lancer) is also creating value.

Your idea may give big boost to company and that in-turn creates new business to the organization is also creating value.

The next best thing is when customer facing any issues often, and providing solutions that do not occur again is also creating value. Read for more ideas.

Spread sheet to add value

Jan 20XX – Make a note what you did Feb 20XX – ” March 20xx – “ . . . Dec 20XX – “

The above kind of spread sheet really help you to make note of the value you created. The value can be any thing like – sharing knowledge, sending an email on certain topic, or it can be making a small tool. Any kind – works for you.

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