4 Top Reasons Python to Use in Data analytics

Python has numerous advantages especially in data analytics. I have recently started learning Python. During my learning time my friends asked me why you need to learn Python for data analytics career. I explained below reasons.

This is one of the powerful languages after Java. Python is a truly wonderful language. When somebody comes up with a good idea it takes about 1 minute and five lines to program something that almost does what you want.


Then it takes only an hour to extend the script to 300 lines, after which it still does almost what you want.- Jack Jansen

  1. Python is similar to many programming Languages
  2. Python is very similar to JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP in many respects.
  3. Most programmers have a working knowledge of these programming languages and this makes it easier for programmers to learn Python.
  4. The basic features of these languages such as the use of arrays, anonymous functions etc., are also present in Python. Read more

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