Top Daily Use Unix Commands – Read now

The following are daily use commands in UNIX or Linux environment. The commands include copy the files, brows the directories, edit the files, see the list of files or directories etc.

  1. LS – To list the file
  2. Lsdm – To list files latest to old
  3. Grep – To search a word in a file
  4. Mkdir – To create a directory
  5. Copy – To copy one file to another file
  6. Delete – To delete a file
  7. Sftp – To transfer the file to another server
  8. LSD – To show list of directories
  9. Cat – To display file contents
  10. Vi – To edit a file
  11. Less – To browse a file. You cannot edit the file.
  12. F8 – To copy content
  13. F10 – To paste the content

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