4 new DB2 updates to meet modern day projects

DB2 updates
DB2 updates

The below are 4 major advancement in DB2 to meet DB2 rightly suitable for modern day organizations.

  • Transparently compress data to decrease disk space and storage infrastructure requirements. Compression can also improve performance, reduce elapsed time and significantly reduce processing power consumption.
  • Helps change the economics of continuous data availability. It is designed for business processes that require high availability for online transaction processing (OLTP) to meet stringent market needs.
  • Greatly reduce the cost and risk of moving legacy applications built for the Oracle® Database to DB2. Take advantage of many features such integrated security and encryption, autonomics, deep compression, IBM® pureXML® and much more. It allows you to use existing skills for quick and easy migration from Oracle Database.
  • This cutting-edge, in-memory technology from IBM provides breakthrough performance by delivering actionable insights. It is certified by SAP and delivers greater performance with fewer resources for your SAP investments. It is seamlessly integrated in DB2.

Author: Srini

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