How to Use CloudWithMe to Migrate Apps to AWS

Nobody has ever accused AWS of being too easy to use. While Amazon’s cloud computing platform is extremely powerful and launches feature updates on an almost daily basis, all of that power comes with a lot of complexity.

Even if you only want to set up a basic WordPress install on a single machine, getting started with the AWS Management Console can be daunting.

Cloud With Me reduces this process to just a few clicks.

The self-funded five-person team built the service to bridge the gap between old-school virtual machine-based hosting services and the cloud.

“There is a gap between the old hosting companies and AWS,” according to Cloud With Me founder and CEO Gilad Somjen. “Everybody wants to move to the cloud guys, but it’s too hard.”

To get started, you simply select what region you want to run your server in, what instance type you need and whether you want to install any additional software packages like WordPress, Drupal and Magento, or an email, database or FTP server.

You also tell Cloud With Me which domain name you want to use (because getting your domain name to point to an AWS machine isn’t exactly trivial either).

From there, you enter your AWS information and your server will be ready to go. Once it’s up and running, you can then also use Cloud With Me to manage your machines as well. Read more

Author: Srini

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