5 Exclusive Ideas for CICS programs

Here are ideas that you can use in CICS programs to improve performance.

CICS Programming Ideas

  1. Many people don’t use HANDLE ABEND command in CICS programs. Due to this, your program will get interrupted without a clue. Also, debugging the issue is tricky and takes a lot of time. Better method is always give HANDLE Abend command in your programs.
  2. The default compiler option is NODYNAM, even though the program being used has Dynamic calls. The reason behind this is , if your translator is integrated one then NODYNAM option supports it.
  3. The LINK you can use when your subprogram is resided either in local/remote
  4. For all STATIC or DYNAMIC COBOL calls, the subprogram must be present in local
  5. When you use LINK to call subprogram, the assumption is that the subprogram has CICS commands. Whereas DYNAMIC COBOL calls can be used for both CICS and non-CICS programs.

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