Here’s Eligibility for AWS Associate Developer Certification

It’s well known that an AWS certification implies the higher level of qualification of experience in an employer’s and peer’s eyes and increase an organization’s proficiency with applications that are AWS-based.

Eligibility criteria

  • One or more years of hands-on experience designing and maintaining an AWS-based application
  • In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
    Understanding of core AWS services, uses, and basic architecture best practices
  • Proficiency in designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based solutions using AWS
  • Experience with developing and maintaining applications written for Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon Simple Workflow Service, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation.
AWS Certification of different Levels -Courtesy -SimpliLearn
AWS Certification of different Levels -Courtesy -SimpliLearn


Along with a keen interest in the AWS framework and a hands-on experience in the methodologies, it is essential to be proficient in networking concepts, system administration in Linux/UNIX/Windows, scripting, and basic monitoring techniques in a dynamic environment.

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