The Simplified COBOL Tutorial to refresh Quickly

In general, the following is the development process in COBOL. The below Six steps explain to you how a program can be developed in COBOL.

To write a program effectively in COBOL you need right manual. This COBOL tutorial with examples help you refresh quickly and you can develop a program easily.

  1. The program requirements should be defined by System analysts and programmers. So that finally programmers will get an idea on how to write a program in COBOL
  2. The next step is Technical design. In this phase, Senior developers will be involved to prepare Technical design in COBOL with changes needed. This can be done by either using flow chart or pseudo code
  3. The next step is programmer write the code into the system based on a flow chart or pseudo code
  4. Compile the programs. In this phase, the programmer has to compile the program and see that there are no syntax errors
  5. Test the program Usually programmer develops testing scripts or cases, and based on this he has to execute test cases
  6. Document the Results-The next point is capturing the testing results into a document for the next round of review.

The Free COBOL Tutorial really helps you to become excellent in your programming. Also, this tutorial helps you to refresh COBOL quickly when you attend for interview.