Why is AI Important to the Future – 5 Reasons

Here are the reasons why AI is important for the future.

Why AI is Popular

  1. We have the raw horsepower of increased computational resources (our computers can think harder and faster). These techniques worked well in the past but couldn’t scale up; they run well on our expanded computational grid. You can read the top books on Artificial Intelligence.
  2.  ✓ We have an explosive growth of data available to our machines (our systems have more to think about). That means that learning systems get better with more data and can now look at billions of examples rather than a few hundred.
  3.  ✓ We have seen a shift from broad AI to a deeper focus on specific problems. Systems like Siri and Cortana work within limited domains of the action model well and focus on pulling certain words out of what you have said rather than performing language understanding in general.
  4.  ✓ We have transformed the problem of knowledge engineering, or putting rules into a system, into learning. The bottleneck in AI systems of the past was our ability to put in all the rules needed to reason in an area (keying in five years of medical education is hard to do). Many modern approaches are focused on learning these rules automatically.
  5.  ✓ We have adopted alternative reasoning models based on the understanding that systems don’t have to reason like people do. (Let the machine think like a machine.)

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