10 Key Points You Will Learn in Tableau 10

This is just an interesting post for Tableau’s new learners. Here, I have collected some information on what all you can do with Tableau tool.

With Tableau Training on Desktop 10, you will be able to –

  • Grasp the concepts of Tableau Desktop 10 and become proficient with Tableau statistics and building interactive dashboards
  • Master data sources as well as datable blending, creating data extracts, organizing and formatting data. You can Take highly useful Tableau training.
  • Master Arithmetic, logical, table and LOD calculations and ad-hoc analytics
  • Become an expert on all the visualization possible with Tableau 10 like a heat map, treemap, waterfall, Pareto, Gantt chart and market basket analysis
    Learn to analyze data using Tableau Desktop and learn techniques like clustering and forecasting
  • Gain command over mapping concepts such as custom geocoding and radial selections
  • Master Special Field Types and Tableau Generated Fields and the process of creating and using parameters
  • Learn how to build interactive dashboards, story interfaces and how to share your work

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Tableau reporting tool benefits


The Tableau training is the perfect course for someone who wishes to enter the field of analytics. This training is designed for:
  1. Analytics professionals,
  2. IT developers & testers,
  3. Data analysts,
  4. Data scientists,
  5. BI and reporting professionals
  6. Project managers
  7. Professionals aspiring for a career in growing and demanding fields of real-time big data analytics
  8. Business users who want to develop a set of core Tableau Desktop
  9. Aspirants and students, who wish to gain a thorough understanding of Tableau Desktop
  10. Professionals looking to appear for a Tableau Certification exam

Author: Srini

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