Top reason to have your software applications run on cloud

The reason is in next few years the traffic will increase to 275 times. To handle huge volume of traffic you need your applications deployed on cloud. This is revealed in Gartner study.

The present organisation servers cannot handle this much huge traffic. So, all organisations must keep their data on cloud. Cloud computing beginning to end.

By 2020 the organisation work loads will run by IOT, Bigdata and analytics.

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The definition to cloud is as follows -A metaphor for a global network, first used in reference to the telephone network and now commonly used to represent the internet. The bunch of additional Cloud basics you can read here .

The popular Cloud computing Pdf that tells all very basics about cloud computing. Really help you to start here.

The elastic nature of cloud computing is-This elastic nature, therefore, is something that is built into the cloud at the software stack level, not the hardware. The complete nature and its benefits you can read online here.

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