How to Learn Mainframe Skills Easily

Mainframe programmers naturally good in COBOL and DB2, but for Digital skills here are ideas.

Skills You Need for Switching Careers

A little girl goes into a pet show and asks for a wabbit. The shop keeper looks down at her, smiles and says:

“Would you like a lovely fluffy little white rabbit, or a cutesy wootesly little brown rabbit?”

“Actually”, says the little girl, “I don’t think my python would notice.”

—Nick Leaton, Wed, 04 Dec 1996

Let us take mainframe, except the above, the other skills such as VSAM, JCL etc are not transferable.

Since by learning COBOL, you will be in a position to understand and learn quickly. For example C,C++, Python are the best ones to start. These are being used in almost all digital technologies. The best example is in machine learning.

Next most popular database is MYSQL. The knowledge of DB2 is highly helpful to learn it. Since in UI development MySQL is the popular database.

You can achieve in step by step. Start learning Python and MySQL to take your seat in digital technology.

Do not worry, by learning these you can too work as freelancer. Just register yourself in UPWORK, Freelancer etc.

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Keep These Ready Before Start Learning

  • Having laptop is a good asset. Since you can learn all these separately.
  • There other online ways you can learn any new skills. Example UDEMY and SIMPLILEARN etc
  • You can show in your resume that you gained these skills by way of having certification.
  • Keep reading my blog for more tips.

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