8 Most Common CICS Errors to Read Now

The common errors that you encounter in CICS are as follows. These are related to Queues.

Errors That Occur in CICS Programs

  1. IOERR – An undetermined error has occurred during input or output
  2. An ISCINVERQ -An undetermined error has occurred on a remote system
  3. ITEMERR-The requested item number is invalid
  4. LENGERR – The length of a record in invalid or missing
  5. NOSPACE – A write has failed due to lack of space
  6. QIDERR-The requested queue not found
  7. QZERO-A read has been attempted on an empty queue
  8. SYSIDERR-The specified remote system is unavailable

How to Resolve ASRA Error in CICS


Explanation: The task has terminated abnormally because of a program check.

System action: The task is abnormally terminated and CICS issues either message DFHAP0001 or DFHSR0001. Message DFHSR0622 may also be issued.

User response: Refer to the description of the associated message or messages to determine and correct the cause of the program check.

CICS Abends and Error Codes


CICS Abends and Error Codes

The resolution-CICS issues an ASRA abend code when it detects that a program check has occurred within a transaction. Program checks can occur for a wide variety of reasons, but you can find the nature of the error from the program interrupt code in the program status word (PSW).

The PSW is used by the machine hardware to record the address of the current instruction being executed, the addressing mode, and other control information. The PSW gives you the address at which the program check occurred, and so it represents a record of the circumstances of the failure. You can read online for more commands.

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