You Can Increase Cash Inflow By Learning These Four

This is what I found during our team research that you will not become rich just by working 8 hours for someone. The BTech or MCA degrees will not teach you how to earn money.

They simply give an entry to a job

But  90 percent of guys failing to earn more money. The  CIO magazine recently published an article that the skill Sales fetch you to earn money. But how to learn it. It is by learning and by practicing.

Then, once you get a professional degree. Do not work on the same continuously.

Learn and update new skills.

This fetches you to get a good job in overseas. Then work there for some years. Earn money there. Then start learning how to earn more money. This is called financial intelligence.

  1. Share market
  2. Real estate
  3. Learn about start your own business
  4. Try investing commodities like gold

These are my findings that many rich people follow.

  • Education is costlier now a days. And living cost increases day to day.
  • To your kids education without focusing all these it is very difficult manage money. To future luxury living you need more money.
  • Try to build assets at an early age. That fetches you money without working yourself.
  • Good luck and follow and share it it to your friends.

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Author: Srini

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