Cloud Computing Real Process Flowchart

The major benefit is in reducing infrastructure costs. Organizations can now deploy and use cloud computing services. You can understand the cloud real process in the flowchart way.

The popular services are Application, Platform, and Infrastructure.

Cloud computing

In the above image, you can find how the company-resources are connecting to Cloud servers.

There is a connection between organization services and cloud services.

According to the wiki, An application delivery controller (ADC) is a computer network device in a datacenter, often part of an application delivery network (ADN), that helps perform common tasks, such as those done by web sites to remove the load from the web servers themselves. Many also provide load balancing.

cloud computing flowchart

In the five steps, you can understand how the cloud works and the different applications connecting to the cloud.

To integrates all the APIs, you can find the management-console of cloud computing. You can watch a free AWS video lecture here.

According to AWS, the management console is – The Console facilitates cloud management for all aspects of your AWS account, including monitoring your monthly spending by service, managing security credentials, or even setting up new IAM Users.

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