Hadoop knowledge Quiz to test legacy developers

Hadoop is really a nice subject and it is new theory to solve your big data problems. The aim of this Quiz is it has all objective questions and it covers all the points in Hadoop eco system.

The quiz covered the following topics:

  1. Hadoop eco system
  2. SQL engine
  3. Job scheduling
  4. Workflow of jobs

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You can run Hadoop jobs in 3 possible modes

  1. Standalone (or local) mode: There are no daemons used in this mode. Hadoop
    uses the local file system as an substitute for HDFS file system. The jobs will run as
    if there is 1 mapper and 1 reducer.
  2. Pseudo-distributed mode: All the daemons run on a single machine and this setting mimics the behavior of a cluster. All the daemons run on your machine locally using the HDFS protocol. There can be multiple mappers and reducers.
  3. Fully-distributed mode: This is how Hadoop runs on a real cluster.

Your complete guide to create Hadoop project in eclipse a document published by Stanford University.


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