Breadth-first-search in AI Mini Project

In this post, you will learn the use of the breadth-first-search algorithm. This algorithm is pretty good to resolve the shortest route problem. You may create a small mini-project on the finding of the shortest route in your area. Here is a guide on how to solve problems with AI.

Project: To find the Shortest Route Between Boston and Newyork.

Consider a road trip between Boston and New York City. There are a variety of ways to make this trip. There are many paths between Boston and New York because it is a heavily populated corridor with many towns and cities between the two locations.

Some common-sense guidelines may be applied, including that any town or city on the path may be visited only once on a trip. It would not make much sense to repeatedly loop through a specific town or city during a trip.

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”Ray Kurzweil, American inventor, and futurist.

The key realistic points to consider in making the trip’s path selections are the costs that are manifested: travel time, path length, fuel costs, tolls, and traffic density, which are actual or anticipated delays. Here is the best Breadth-first search example

These costs are often dependent because a longer path will increase fuel expenses, but not necessarily travel time because an alternate path could use a superhighway, on which the car maintains a higher consistent speed, as compared to traveling through backroads and going through many small towns.

But, a superhighway can be congested, reducing overall speed, and there may even be tolls to add to the misery.

The above approach is called breadth-first approach.

Quick Video Presentation on the breadth-first-search (BFS).

The breadth-first approach starts by considering all possible paths between Boston and New York City, and computing and accumulating the total costs incurred while progressing through the various paths.


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