BlockChain: How it Assures Tamper-proof

The blockchain technology it operates on distributed ledger. A ledger can hold transactions done by all the people involved in that channel.

  1. The transactions are tamper proof
  2. These transactions are visible for the people who involved
  3. Useful for all financial applications where transactions are involved

The other benefits learn from the video and real-life applications

Free certification on blockchain

You can take the course on blockchain and it is free from IBM and you can complete it in 2 hours.

Many financial institutions in the race to implement block chain technology. Many government also pushing the blockchain projects.


Some facts on Blockchain

The financial services industry is trying to incorporate it to make their backend processes more efficient.

security identity GIF by Trulioo

The key insights

For those not in the know, blockchains are distributed databases that can contain a growing list of data records. The linked data-structure blocks that make up the blockchain are resistant to revisions and tampering.

bchain jobs

Really this is a space to learn more on blockchain.

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