Python Syntax error tips you need to resolve quickly

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Python you already know there are two popular errors. One is Syntax error and the other one is Run time error.

In syntax error – there are two types..

  1. Name error
  2. Syntax error

Name error in Python

When you enter an expression and you did not defined any variable, then, you will get Name error.

Syntax error

Python does not support syntax like LHS expression with more than two varibales. It does support more than two variables in RHS.


>> x + 2 = Y ==> This is syntax error

>> x = y + 2 ==> This is correct

Watch the Python video – Check that how I resolved Syntax and Name errors in Python

Overflow errors

According to – Making our way through our detailed Python Exception Handling series brings us today to the OverflowError within Python. Just like most other programming languages, the OverflowError in Python indicates that an arithmetic operation has exceeded the limits of the current Python runtime. This is typically due to excessively large Float values, as Integer values that are too big will opt to raise MemoryErrorsinstead.