Quick Quiz on Robotic Automation

Automation Quiz


The importance of this Quiz is to get to know all the interview questions and terminology used in automation.

Rules: Select the right answer. The right answer shows as green and the wrong answer show as red.

Robotic Automation Best Learning: Robotic Process Automation – RPA Overview.

1. What are popular automation tools?
Twelve popular tools are available in the market
Only Blue Prism is popular.
Blue prism is one of the tool. There are many other tools read here
 2. A bot might extract information from several hard-to-access systems and push information into a database
Bots help you simplify critical operations
3. Watson  from IBM is one of the platform to create RPA bots 
Watson is now powerful platform for RPA
4. Who are right people for Automation 
Only Computer Knowledge people with RPA
  RPA programmers also really need for development
RPA does not require programming skills. Business operations employees – people with process and subject matter expertise but no programing experience – can be trained to independently automate processes using RPA tools within a few weeks
5. “Blackline” is one of the tool for automation 
Blackline is one of the popular 12 tools

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