How to Delete a Row: SQL Explained

Here’s SQL query to delete specific row /or group of rows explained for your use in projects.

What’s Delete statement

Here’re a few points to consider before DELETE a row from a Table.

  • The delete removes data from your chosen table.
  • You go to all that effort crafting designs, building physical models, and coding a variety of tools to create and manage your data. With one little statement you can remove the lot.
  • Okay, It removes unwanted data from a table.

SQL Query to delete a row

DELETE FROM employee
WHERE joindate <= '2010-01-01'

Here’s how delete query works

  • For those of you who’ve used other databases that are somewhat lax about the standard and syntactical correctness, the word from is not optional.
  • As with the other DML statements, the where clause is optional. By not specifying a where clause, all rows from a table will be removed.
  • Using a where clause limits the rows deleted to those that match the specified criteria. Related : 238 top SQL queries
  • One interesting aspect of the DB2 delete and update implementation is that you’ll see a warning if the criteria you specify don’t match any rows; that is
  • if your delete statement won’t actually delete any rows. You’ll see this warning:
  • SQL0100W No row was found for FETCH, UPDATE or DELETE; or the result of a query is an empty table. SQLSTATE=02000.


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