All about Storage Area in DB2

Storage area is the main concept for DB2 developers. They always confused with the question on why Table space and Buffer pools needed. The below questions and answers give clear idea on DB2 storage area.

Storage area

” Without knowing DB2 storage area concept it is very difficult to survive in the job. I worked on this technology for many years, and still I am not sure what is Buffer Pool, then, no one will accept it. “

1). What are the Physical view and logical view of the database?

Physical view of the database is containers. Logical view of the Database is Table space and Buffer pools. The Table space and Buffer pool both reside on containers.

2). Where DB2 stores Tables and Indexes?

DB2 stores Tables and Indexes on Pages. Which are actually an extent to the containers.

3). What are DB2 containers?

DB2 containers are actual Physical disks. They are attached to the machine. These are storage areas for Table spaces and Buffer pools.

4). What are extents?

DB2 form all Pages together into an extent.

5). What is real use of Table spaces and Buffer Pools?

Where you can store your Tables and Indexes as intermediate layer to improve the performance.

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