Top Prerequisites you need to work as Blockchain developer

I am just researching on blockchain for the quite a few days. Found some key points. You need to know these prerequisites before you start your journey.

Show Your Eligibility for Digital career

Java framework, Java Script are useful to enter into Blockchain career. I have researched, and found some of the prerequisites you need.

Languages You Need to Learn

Three popular platforms present in the market to develop blockchain applications. And, on top of that to develop applications in Blockchain you need to know these languages.

  • GO Language
  • C
  • C++
  • Java Script
  • Solidity language
  • Serpent

IDE Tools to Develop Blockchain Applications

There are some other popular IDE tools available in the market. Below is the list for ethereum platform.

  • Mix/Remix-IDE for Ethereum
  • Mist Browser-IDE for Ethereum
  • Truffle-IDE for Ethereum
  • Chain Code-IDE tool for Hyperledger Fabric

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Author: Srini

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