5 Blockchain Terms These Helpful for Interviews

Blockchain is the most popular technology in financial domain projects. Here are the top Blackchain terminology.

  • Smart Contracts: are self-executing programs which run on the blockchain and are capable of enforcing rules, consequences and computation over every transaction happening in the blockchain. Smart contracts avoid the delays and expenses incurred by physical contracts.
  • Smart properties: is the affirmation of ownership rights for an asset digitally through its entry into the blockchain’s immutable public ledger, using the private key of the owner
  • Etherium: is one of the top platform for blockchain. One of the most prominent and widely used high-level language for developing smart contracts is the Solidity language, whose syntax is similar to that of JavaScript.
  • Nano payments: Transactions which are involved for small amounts currently being used Token technology. In the large scale blockchain is highly useful.
  • Digital Assets: Real estate is one of the best example. Where you use the concept of digital asset. Currently, the amount of digital assets over the Internet is increasing at a faster pace. But, most of these digital assets face the potential challenges of privacy, security, counterfeiting etc. which turns out to be the major hindrances in dealing these assets.

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