Neural networks: Approach to Design Robots


Neural network is a model of reasoning that is inspired by biological neural networks, which is the central nervous system in an animal brain.

An introduction to neural network…

The human brain consists of a huge number of interconnected nerve cells called neurons. A neuron consists of a cell body, soma, a number of fibers called dendrites, and a single long fiber called the axon.

The big developments in ANNs during the past few decades have motivated human ambitions to create intelligent machines with human-like brain.

The main function of dendrites is to receive messages from other neurons. Then, the signal travels to the main cell body, known as the soma. The signal leaves the soma and travels down the axon to the synapse. The message then moves through the axon to the other end of the neuron, then to the tips of the axon and then into the space between neurons. From there, the message can move to the next neuron.

neural networks
Neural Network concept

The human brain incorporates nearly 10 billion neurons and 60 trillion connections, synapses, between them. By using a massive number of neurons simultaneously, the brain can process data and perform its function very fast.

Real points on Artificial Neural Networks

  1. The structure of the biological neural system, together with how it performs its functions has inspired the idea of artificial neural networks (ANNs). …
  2. The first neural network conceptual model was introduced in 1943 by Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts.
  3. They described the concept of neuron as an individual cell that communicates with other cells in a network. This cell receives data from other cells, processes the inputs

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