3 Top SQL Queries to Check If Table is Present

Many of the times during validation, initially, you need to check, if Table is created by DBA or not. If Table is created, then, you can do validation, and you can check if data is written to Oracle database Table or not. If no Table is created…it is not possible to validate.

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Listed below are useful SQL queries to check if Table exists in Oracle…

I found the best question on this subject is “How to check if table exists in Oracle database”. I am here to give solution for you.

So..you can use anyone of the below SQL queries to find if Table exists in Oracle using SQL developer.

--First I have created one Table
create table srini_table_one(name char(20),rollnum int);
--Inserted values
insert into srini_table_one values('rama',20);
--Selected rows
select * from srini_table_one;

--How to find table exists
desc srini_table_one;

select * from srini_table_one where rownum=1;

select table_name from user_tables;


3 SQL queries given in this post mostly used in production validation. By  using these queries, you will know not only Table exists also if you have access to read it



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