Here’s is Real Purpose of TSQ in CICS

TSQ also called a temporary storage queue. To write records for the internal reading purpose you can use it in your CICS program.

CICS is a top system in Mainframe to design programs in an interactive mode.


What is TSQ in CICS

TSQ also called temporary storage queues. 3 top commands you need to know to work with TSQs. To add or update a record, you must use the WRITEQ TS command. To retrieve a record, you must use READQ TS command. And to delete a queue, you must use DELETEQ TS command.

The ‘TS’ after each command means that you are using temporary Storage queue


Top Features of TSQ in CICS

  • To write a record dynamically
  • You can delete a queue
  • You can read a queue
  • In all the commands, QUEUE name is common
  • Two popular errors are possible. QIDERR- when the queue is not present, you will get this error. ITEMERR- when item or record not present, then you will get this error


  1. A large amount of external memory you can save with TSQs.
  2. You may Store DB2 table data in TSQ for later usage.

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