CICS TSQ 5 top ideas you need on real usage

TSQ also called temporary storage queue. To write records for internal reading purpose you can use it in your program.


Three CICS commands to work with temporary storage queues. To add or update a record in a queue, you use the WRITEQ TS command. To retrieve a record from a queue, you use the READQ TS command. And to delete a queue, you use the DELETEQ TS command.

You can see after each commands two letters ‘TS’. This means temporary storage queue

  1. TSQ you can write a record dynamically
  2. You can delete a queue
  3. You can read a queue
  4. In all the commands, QUEUE name is common
  5. Two popular errors are possible. QIDERR- when queue is not present, you will get this error. ITEMERR- when item or record not present, then you will get this error


  • You can save a large amount of external memory
  • Some times you can keep records that read from DB2 table in TSQ for further usage.

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