10 Quiz Questions on DevOps

DevOps quiz helps you understand behind the concepts in less time. This practice helps end user or customer with added value in quick time-frame.

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1). Why DevOps you need?

A) DevOps required to speed up the development and deployment process.

2). The theme behind DevOps?

A). Development team work in Sprints in parallel. Deliver faster to deployment process and move the code into production by reducing lead time.

3). What are 3 ways popular in DevOps environment?

A). Reduce batch size, Constant feed back from Dev to Operations and Deliver the work in sprints.

4). First step in developing DevOps in any Organization?

A) Identify value team. Elaborate what kind of value we can create to customer.

5). What are two teams most popular in DevOps organization?

A). Development team and Operations team.

6). Why automated testing needed in DevOps?

A). Since to build, Test and Deploy code to production, the automated testing is much needed.

7). What is A/B testing in DevOps?

A). Statistical based testing which way we can deliver code and deploy it to production with creating value to customer. Based on A/B testing, you can decide the right way.

8). What is single shared repository in DevOps?

A). This concept is across the organization single code repository to be maintained and to share the automated testing results to one and all to keep a knowledge repository.

9). What is security concept in DevOps?

A). Implement security principles in both development and operations.

10). Low risk and High risk areas in DevOps?

A). Consider low risk changes are normal changes and keep high risk changes in DevOps controlled environment. This will reduce lead time.

Author: Srini

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