9 top Deep learning applications to use in machine learning

The next step to machine learning is deep learning. Deep learning applications are useful along with machine learning algorithms.

Deep learning applications are highly useful when your data size is large. Deep learning is a combination of multiple neural networks.

Deep learning applications useful to know by all data science engineers.
Deep learning tips

Real Applications

  1. Face Recognition: Identify faces, sense emotions or feelings.
  2. Speech recognition: Identify and generate speech of a person.
  3. Driverless cars: Drive cars on the street with full safety.
  4. Read raw handwritten text, correct them grammatically and produce articles.
  5. Generate text or videos as per person’s mood.
  6. Identify trending news and detect fake news, warnings in advance.
  7. Translate text from one language to another language by following all the language rules.
  8. Image generation and object detection.
  9. Text summarization

Author: Srini

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