MS Excel Vs Tableau Exclusive Differences

Reporting and Dashboarding, in the present-day business environment, help you to present the information properly. So, a team can go ahead if they got the right information. This post tells you a quick comparison between two top reporting tools of Excel and Tableau.

Tableau Vs Excel

Excel has pretty good features to build a Dashboard. On the contrary, Tableau has other advanced features. The reporting tool helps you generate Dashboard quickly and interactively.

Where EXCEL is good?

  1. Less expensive
  2. Ready to use
  3. Backward compatibility
  4. Less turnaround time

Below is the list of areas where you can find Excel is good.

1.Less Expensive

You know that the excel product cost cheaper compared to other Tools.

2. Ready to use

You need less customization. Excel is almost ready to use Tool. You do not need critical skills. It is is easy to learn. You can develop your own dashboards or reports quickly.

3. Backward Compatibility

Needn’t worry about new versions. You always have the option to get compatibility. So, if any new version comes just you can adapt quickly.

4. Less Turnaround Time

VB Script is not so complex. You can learn and apply in less time. Any dashboard or report you can develop quickly. No need to worry about the delay of development.

Video Presentation on Excel Dashboard.

Why you need Tableau?

  • You cannot use Excel as a full-fledged database
  • Excel does not fit for enterprise-level reporting
  • You cannot use it as a full-fledged software
  • Excel Lack of intelligence

The real reason where Excel does not fit-in

1. You cannot use Excel as a full-fledged database

In reality, excel is a flat file. It is not a database. So it has some limitations. You cannot apply complex SQL queries. This is the reason tools like Tableau, QlikView etc came into picture.

2. Not fit for Enterprise level reporting

Yes, not suitable.

The issue comes, when you integrate all small applications into one application.

It is good for all stand alone applications.

3. You cannot use it as a full-fledged software

Yes, you cannot use it as a full-fledged software. Adding more options causes your excel application becomes bit heavy and so you cannot use it as a full-fledged software.

4. Lack of intelligence

You cannot use Excel to predict the scenarios based on your data. This is one of the big drawback. Since in most advanced tools, they have feature like Artificial intelligence.

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