Why GO Language is Popular in Blockchain – Real Reasons

Golang also called GO Language. This is developed and designed at Google. This language is designed by three people.

Google Team of Golang

 Golanaguge authors
Go Language Team

Two features..

  • Static typed
  • Compiled

What are special features..

1.Static Typed

In programming languages, a type system is a set of rules that assigns a property called type to the various constructs of a computer program, such as variables, expressions, functions or modules.These types formalize and enforce the otherwise implicit categories the programmer uses for algebraic data types, data structures, or other components (e.g. “string”, “array of float”, “function returning boolean”).

According to sitepoint
Static typed programming languages are those in which variables need not be defined before they’re used. This implies that static typing has to do with the explicit declaration (or initialization) of variables before they’re employed. Java is an example of a static typed language; C and C++ are also static typed languages. Note that in C (and C++ also), variables can be cast into other types, but they don’t get converted; you just read them assuming they are another type.

The main purpose of a type system is to reduce possibilities for bugs in computer programs by defining interfaces between different parts of a computer program, and then checking that the parts have been connected in a consistent way.


A compiled language is a programming language whose implementations are typically compilers (translators that generate machine code from source code), and not interpreters (step-by-step executors of source code, where no pre-runtime translation takes place).

Go is efficient in creating Threads or Routines.

Why GOLang is developed..

Go was designed at Google to improve programming productivity in an era of multicore, networked machines and large codebases.

Certification in Golang..


  • Like C++ or Java, it has Static typed and Run time efficiency
  • Readability and Usability- This is like Python and Java Script
  • High performance in Networking and Multi Processing


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