Top Ideas for you to Switch IT Career Quickly

These are my real thoughts on switching IT career. You may get bored in present job, your skills have no value in the market, your position is stagnated. Then you no need to stay there. You can start alternatively on new skills and start getting benefit.

Quickly means…less than 6 months

What you will do in 6 months. You need to learn and practice. I am sharing my ideas. This Seven step process you can use for your benefit.

7 Steps to switch IT career

  1. Start searching internet – which skill has more value. I mean which skill market currently looking.
  2. Learn that skill. You can take either offline or online class
  3. Start preparing for interview
  4. Attend interviews minimum 10
  5. Collect all the questions asked
  6. Then prepare well for next interview
  7. Dam sure you will get job

1. Start Searching Internet

  1. Search internet using either Google or Bing to know about skills that are in demand.
  2. Collect list of skills in demand

Finding hot skills in search engine is the first step to your success.

2. Learning the Skills

  1. You can join either offline course or online course
  2. Daily 1 hour enough to learn
  3. You can continue your day job while learning

Selecting right institute is the next option to advance in your career.

3. Prepare for interviews

  1. Practice daily 1 hour
  2. Do a mini project

4. Give interviews

  1. Start attending interviews
  2. No worries, if you are not answering all the questions

5. Collect all questions

  1. Collect all the interview questions in a diary or notebook
  2. Write answers for those questions

6. Prepare well for next interview

  1. Learn all the previously asked questions
  2. Give interviews with more confidence

7. Last Step

  1. You will have offer letter in your hand

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Author: Srini

Experienced software developer. Skills in Development, Coding, Testing and Debugging. Good Data analytic skills (Data Warehousing and BI). Also skills in Mainframe.