5 Best IT skills to Learn Now

Here are the five top IT skills that have more job opportunities and salary as well.


Experience on building application using open source Ethereum. Using Ethereum you can develop application. Only thing you need is hands-on-experience on blockchain.

machine learning
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Risk Assessment

The risk assessment is a kind of analytics use in Finance, Credit cards, Fraud and Data Theft. Just hands-on-experience you need.


Encryption and Cryptography is a leading subject. Where you need to understand this technology. To get a job you need to take some courses and you need hands-on-experience. Free training on cryptography.

The idea is that you can raise your market value by being merely good — not extraordinary — at more than one skill,

According to Nytimes – The idea is that instead of focusing your efforts on becoming singularly great at one specific skill or task, you should strive to get proficient at a few related skills that can be woven together into a wider skill set that does make you singularly good at your profession or some general life ability.

Big Data Analytics

Learning Cloudera softwares, C, C++ and Apache Cordova a major plus point to get a job in this line.

Apache Spark with Scala

The skills you’ll need are probability and statistics, algorithm theory, and some experience with Python/C++/R/Java.

Also experience of using UNIX tools and Advanced Signal Processing techniques. No certification required. The SCALA is big data analytics framework software.

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