Agile Certification: Add These 4 Tutorials to Your Reading List

Agile is a process with a set of some rules to deliver faster. Here are four agile tutorials that you need to refresh before you take the certification test.

1. List 4 Agile Tutorials for Certification

1. Scrum Guide

Scrum is a framework to implement Agile process. The scrum guide is useful for certification.

2. Agile Process

Agile process guide useful for learners. This is the best tutorial .

3. Scrum and Agile

Agile is methodology and Scrum is framework. Scrum with Agile methodology is the way to implement Agile development. Top tutorial for certification.

4. Scrum Master Training is a leading certification body for Scrum which was founded in 2009 by Ken Schwaber and Alex Armstrong.

Its certification on Scrum, called PSM I (Professional Scrum Master level 1) is one of the most famous certificates in the Scrum community. It validates gained fundamental knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application.

2. Recap Agile terminology


It means the speed at which a team can perform its assigned sprint. It is a key metric in Scrum. It will be calculated by totaling the points of all completed stories.

Acceptance Criteria

It is purely the scope of user story. Usually it will be determined by PO and Team.

Team Member

A member who is working on the assigned task you can say him/her as Team member. You can say SM and PO also as Team member if they work on the Sprint development task.


In fact, no Architect role in Scrum. Team members are responsible for emerging the architecture.

Daily Scrum Meeting

Daily scrum meeting should not be more than 15 minutes.

  1. To discuss on what you did Yesterday
  2. What you will do Today
  3. What are the Road blocks

Scrum Master

The Daily scrum meeting is the first thing in the morning. Scrum master is responsible for conducting the meeting.

What is Done in Agile Scrum

It means that all the Design, Coding, Testing and release documents completed and it is integrated into the System.

User Story Vs Epic

Epic is larger size story. Usually it is broken down into small stories – those are called user stories.


It is the process to measure the size of stories. Team is responsible for this. Using Poker planning, the team estimates each story.

6 Responsibilities of Scrum Master

  1. Coordinates between Product owner and Development team.
  2. Shares ideas to PO on how to speed up the development work.
  3. Supports development team if any issues related to development.
  4. Improves productivity
  5. Helps to introduce new tools and to improve delivery of potentially Shippable functionality.
  6. He updates team’s progress to all the stakeholders.

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