AWS vs Azure Comparison on computing

I found two kinds of differences, when I did comparison between AWS and Azure. Those are Services and Computing Power.

What is Cloud

The cloud refers to a bunch of servers that host and run your applications, or to an offering of services that are consumed (think web service).

Azure Computing Power

  1. Windows Azure is an operating system that provides the ability to run applications in a highly scalable manner on Microsoft servers.
  2. Windows Azure is Core operating system of Microsoft cloud
  3. Applications split on many virtual machines in Azure
  4. Windows Azure uses VMs to achieve separation of services across physical servers. Each physical server is divided into multiple VMs.

AWS Computing Power

  1. The storage in AWS is Block level
  2. In AWS through API you can manage services
  3. AWS offers support for both relational and non-relational databases
  4. API is the entry point in AWS
  5. Management console is the main area where you can create infrastructure, build and test your applications

Microsoft Azure Services

1. Azure Fabric

It runs only on Azure. This is suitable for both Windows and Linux. You can Scale-up or Scale-down your applications. Basically, it is an hosting environment.

2. Cloud Services

After creating deployment packages, you can deploy on to Azure platform. Rest Azure will take care of it.

It creates Virtual Machines(VM) as you requested. Absolutely zero down time for updates. It manages load balancing and Fail management. If one instance fails, it brings up another instance.

3. Hadoop HDInsight

This platform helps you run your data analytics applications. Complete Hadoop Stack of applications already pre-installed here.

The tools you can find are —HBase, Storm, Pig, Hive, Oozie, and Ambari, just to name a few.

4. Azure Search Service

This service offers you all facilities you need to run Search service. Best examples customers are searching to know insurance quote, then, you can deploy that application using Search service.

5. Azure Media Service

It helps host your Video or Audio applications. So that users can access your media in the form of streaming without lagging.

6. Azure Event Hub

This service is basically suitable for IoT and Big data applications. You will often see Azure Event Hubs used to ingest data in a big data or IoT scenario

AWS Services

You can find nine popular services in AWS:

  1. EC2
  2. Lambda
  3. S3
  4. DynamoDB
  5. IAM
  6. Amazon Cognito
  7. Device Farm
  8. Mobile analytics
  9. SNS

Details of each service, I have given in my previous post on AWS web services

For starters and experience engineers, the best AWS web services book is AWS in action.

According to Gartner on Cloud

In 2019, the lines between IaaS and PaaS will continue to blur. Organizations will need to develop the right strategies for deciding how to place or build an application on the right services, and how to manage across all IaaS and PaaS on a multiprovider basis.

Most organizations expect cloud to be cheaper. To realize cost savings, they must move the right applications, optimize them properly and continuously track spend.

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