How to INSERT Data From Array into DB2 Table

In this post, I will show you how to write an SQL query that inserts an array of values into a DB2 table.

In DB2 or any RDBMS, there are a variety of rules you need to follow before inserts a row into a Table.

In my previous post DB2: 4 TOP QUESTIONS ON SQL INSERT VALUES, I have explained these.

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As usual, in INSERT SQL you need to supply values as Host-Variables.

SQL Query to Insert Array of Values into DB2 Table

  INSERT INTO srinmf_test 
    VALUES (:HV1, :HV2, :HV3)

In the above query, the table name is srinimf_test.

The ACT_NO, ACT_KWD, ACT_DESC are the column names in that table.

:HV1, :HV2 and :HV3 are host variables.

The num_rows in For clause says, the number of rows to insert.

This way of writing SQL Query is called array inserting in DB2.

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