Credit Card: Virtual vs Physical Real Differences

A virtual credit card is something like a digital credit card. In general, a credit card has 16 digits. Similarly, a digital credit card has all the information like a physical credit card.

Physical Credit Card has:

  1. Card Number
  2. CVV Number
  3. Expiry date

Similarly, virtual credit has all the above three values. In general, the virtual card is linked to any one of your physical credit or debit cards or to your account.

Why You Need to Create Virtual Credit Card

Mainly to avoid the card fraud, the bank introduced, virtual credit card facility. Growing usage of Smart-phones and apps made this facility live now.

Incremental authorizations also called top-up authorization, being used in hotels, Lodging, Hospital industries.

  • Once a virtual card is created you can use it in certain time limits like 48 hours. This varies depending on the banks.

The Question: Can we use virtual card for incremental authorizations?

The answer is ‘yes’, why because a virtual card is anyway linked to your physical card or account.


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