SQL Views: Tricky Interview Question Asked in Many Companies

Tricky SQL Views Interview Question

With SQL views you can protect base table data, restrict visibility of certain columns. So to create a view you need a Table. Considering deletion of a view, it is still present even after base table got deleted.

3 Types of SQL Views

Generally, views are three types. There is a fourth view called Materialized view. But this is not popular in development.

Let me share the best example on how to create an Aggregated view. Then I will modify the base-table. We will see what may happen.

SQL Query to Create Aggregate View

CREATE VIEW Aggreg_Order_v AS
SELECT Customer_Number
,COUNT(Order_Total) AS Order_Cnt
,SUM(Order_Total) AS Order_Sum
,AVG(Order_Total) AS Order_Avg
FROM Order_Table
GROUP BY Customer_Number ;

The view name is “Aggreg_Order_v. This is now created from ‘Order_table’, which is called base table.

I am now going to ALTER the base table.

ALTER Table order_table
add mgr_no integer;

Now I added a new column (mgr_no) to Order_table. Even after modifying the base table, the view will still present. Views still present until you drop them.

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Interview Questions

  1. Can we delete base-table when view is created on it. – Yes and you will get error while accessing the View.
  2. Can we modify base table when view already created on it – Yes


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