The Ultimate Guide To Aws Shared Responsibility

Here’s all about AWS shared responsibility. This tells the responsibilities of customer and AWS.

AWS Shared Responsibility Model

Customer responsibility

When a customer approaches a particular service, AWS will do some background work before processing the workload. According to the shared service responsibility model, few of the services AWS responsible for and for other customers. 

  • Customer data
  • Application Management
AWS Shared Responsibility Model

AWS responsibility

It’s AWS responsibility for handling the below components.

  1. Physical Building
  2. Servers
  3. Virtual Machines
  4. Network
  5. Security
  6. Data Encryption

AWS managed Vs Un-managed

Managed Services

For example, you (Customer) have a workload that runs on an EC2 instance. For that, you need a database, so you can install MySQL (whatever it may be).

The responsibility of EC2 instance and its virtual machines lies with AWS.

AWS monitors its services with the dashboard monitoring system. If any outages, AWS informs customers and restores accordingly.

Here’s Tutorial on AWS-Shared-Responsibility

Unmanaged Services

Management of MySQL database, including patches, updates is the responsibility of the customer.


AWS Global Data Centers

AWS services distributed between different regions which are up and available. Data centers located across the globe, are backbone to AWS.

US West (Oregon) Regionus-west-2
US West (N. California) Regionus-west-1
US East (Ohio) Regionus-east-2
US East (N. Virginia) Regionus-east-1
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Regionap-south-1
Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)ap-northeast-3
Asia Pacific (Seoul) Regionap-northeast-2
Asia Pacific (Singapore) Regionap-southeast-1
Asia Pacific (Sydney) Regionap-southeast-2
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Regionap-northeast-1
Canada (Central) Regionca-central-1
China (Beijing) Regioncn-north-1
EU (Frankfurt) Regioneu-central-1
EU (Ireland) Regioneu-west-1
EU (London) Regioneu-west-2
EU (Paris) Regioneu-west-3
South America (São Paulo) Regionsa-east-1
AWS GovCloud (US)us-gov-west-1
List of AWS data centers across the globe.

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