How to Debug Using ‘pdb’ in Python

Here is a topic to use the pdb utility for debugging the python program. Below, you’ll find set and clear the breakpoints set values to variables. A handy list of commands helpful for projects.

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Step-1: Import pdb package

See me example Python script – Here, you’re importing pdb and debugging.

$python -m pdb

Step-2: How to use pdb commands at Command-line

Below is the video that shows the usage of pdb commands at the command-line.

pdb commands

Handy list: pdb commands

1. Command to List source code:

  • l – it displays 11 lines of source code
  • ll – it display entire source codes

2. Command to Set break point:

  • b 10 – it sets break point at line 10.

3. Command to Continue:

  • c – it continues execution.

4. Command to debug line by line:

  • s – just executes one line.

5. Command to Execute next line.

  • n – it executes next line.

6. Command to Execute up level:

  • u 10 – execution up 10 lines.

7. Command to Execute down level:

  • d 10 – execution down 10 lines.

9. Command to Quit from debugger:

  • q – to quit from debugger.


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