Real Advantages of Python Over Other Languages

Here’re five Python advantages over C, C++, and Java. The list namely – Simplicity, Cool Libraries, Features & Design, Oops and Image-processing.

5 Python Advantages

  1. Simplicity and Fluent
  2. Python Cool Libraries
  3. Features and Design
  4. Object Oriented
  5. Image Processing

1. Simplicity and Fluent

Python was first created in 1980 and started using it in 1989s. Python language has clean grammar and look.

Python’s developers said that the language’s goal is to be “cool” to use. Since it was named after Monty Python, a British comedy group, the language’s users have a playful approach to writing many tutorials and other materials.

2. Python Cool Libraries

Python is not pure scientific language. It can be used in many applications. Here it is How to Categorize Python Top Uses.

Python Cool Libraries
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Even though Lisp and Prolog are popular AI programming Languages, below list of features made Python also joined in the elite list.

  • data structure
  • classes
  • flexible function calling syntax
  • iterators
  • nested functions
  • kitchen-sink-included standard library
  • great scientific libraries
  • “cool” open source libraries (Numpy, Cython, IPython, and MatPlotLib).

3. Features and Design

Python is robust and easy to use. That is why many developers started using Python as a high-level language. Here is introduction artificial intelligence

  • thought-out syntax
  • modular programming
  • language interoperability

4. Oops

Like Java Python also supports object oriented properties. So you can do create once and use whenever you want. This saves a lot of your time.

5. Image Processing

It has a bunch of image-intensive libraries, such as VTK, Maya 3D Visualization Toolkits, Scientific Python, Numeric Python, and Python Imaging Library. These tools are perfect for numeric and scientific applications.

  • portable
  • Scalable
  • easy to learn
  • open source

As AI needs a lot of research, programming artificial intelligence using Python is efficient – you may validate almost every idea with up to thirty code lines.

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