Kubernetes OS to Oversee Cloud Apps

In my recent observation, I found, Kubernetes is the right technology to simplify you. This is a simple concept to understand who worked on Mainframes. Because Kubernetes is an Open source, it resembles Mainframes. Checkout here Understanding Kubernetes from Real-world Use Cases.

In Mainframes, every resource you touch is controlled and supervised by an operating system called ZOS (Z Operating system from IBM). In the case of Kubernetes, it is an Operating system for Datacenter (Cloud). Here is Kubernetes By Example.

Do not assume that Datacenter does contain only Hardware and Storage. Now Datacenter plays key-role as Cloud speeds up. Currently, cloud computing is running on a cloud Datacenter with Kubernetes-OS. Checkout here Kubernetes on AWS.

Kubernetes Architecture

Deployment simplified

The Kubernetes is microservices-based architecture. Like a football match, it oversees the function of players (microservices). Each player resembles a microservice.

Docker Vs Kubernetes

Docker is a container-based architecture, and it is well suited for testing purposes. But Kubernetes is different. You can implement the apps on the cloud Datacenter using pods, which holds containers.

The architecture of Kubernetes at the highest level is, controls the microservices. When you deploy an application to the cloud, the Kubernetes perform deployment tasks. Checkout here KUBERNETES: AN OVERVIEW

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