Kubernetes Architecture with Useful Concepts

Here is architecture on Kubernetes. Along with this, spell out concepts related to it. Precisely, it is an operating system on a cloud datacenter.. Check out here The Kubernetes Real-world Use Cases.

Kubernetes Concepts along with Architecture

1. Journey to Kubernetes

  • In Mainframes, every resource you touch is controlled and supervised by an operating system called ZOS (Z Operating system from IBM).
  • In the case of Kubernetes, it is an Operating system for Datacenter (Cloud). Here is Kubernetes By Example.
  • Do not assume that Datacenter does contain only Hardware and Storage. Now Datacenter plays key-role as Cloud speeds up.
  • Currently, cloud computing is running on a cloud Datacenter with Kubernetes-OS. Checkout here Kubernetes on AWS.

2. Architecture

Kubernetes Architecture

3. Deployment simplified

  • The Kubernetes is microservices-based architecture.
  • Like a football match, it oversees the function of players (microservices). Each player resembles a microservice.

4. Docker Vs Kubernetes

  • Docker is a container-based architecture, and it is well suited for testing purposes. But Kubernetes is different. You can implement the apps on the cloud Datacenter using pods, which holds containers.
  • The architecture of Kubernetes at the highest level is, controls the microservices. When you deploy an application to the cloud, the Kubernetes perform deployment tasks. Checkout here KUBERNETES: AN OVERVIEW

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